Early Inspiration

For my first blog I would like to talk about someone who has had a profound effect on me, The Artist Edward Gorey.Edward-Gorey          Edward Gorey was an author and illustrator. I was introduced to his work when I was in grade school and my father got me hooked on PBS’S (channel 12) Mystery. Edward Gorey inked the animated opening which included men and women in Edwardian dress being mysterious, men playing crochet in the rain, and a delightful damsel in distress.  PBS Mystery I was hooked! I loved the black and white drawing, the clothes, well just everything!!

I then read everything he wrote including probably his most famous book The Gashlycrumb Tinies, a delightful alphabet book detailing the horrible deaths of children. Mr. Gorey also did set design for Opera and Broadway. In 1977 He won a Tony award for Best costume design for Dracula ( yes the one with Frank Langella) , he was also nominated for scenic design. His illustration for it, I loved so much I have it tattooed on my back.


Thankfully his legacy lives on to delight and enthrall a new generation of lovers of all things Dark and Fabulous!